20 Mar 2020

SMS Marketing

Why SMS still is the best marketing channel!

SMS has been around since the eary 90’s and since then many new technologies for communication have seen the dawn of day. E-mail, chats and social media provide companies with great opportunities to communicate with their customers.

Still, SMS stands out as the most reliable channel if you want to be sure that your customers receive your message. When 82% of mobile phone users say the open every sms they receive, your message will be read within minutes. Compared to e-mail where your customers inboxes are cluttered with spam and a very low opening rate your SMS will get the message out.   

When your customers receive a SMS in a modern cellphone with acces to an internetbrowser it drives traffic directly  to your company’s web-site. Just include a web-link. Your customer can with just one click take advantage of your special offer.

SMS is also a very cost effective alternative to advertising in social media. Expecially if you use SMS-Heroes for the distribution.

That’s why many companies are finding their way back to SMS as their primary marketing channel.