12 May 2021

Add a web link to the text message

A text message of course has it´s limitations. A text message is a, well, just a text. Mostly a text is sufficient when you want the information to reach it´s recipients. Still, sometimes a picture could add some flair to your message. It could make your message just a tad more interesting.

If you add a web link to the text message that send them to a web-page it can do the trick. On the web-page you can have large amounts of information, text, sign-up buttons, pictures and what not. By having a web-link to that web-page in the text message you can spice up you short-text-message. Most smartphones will use the phones web-browser to display the web-link and the picture. First the web-page picture will show in the text message app and then fully in the web-browser when someone click the link.

There are a few things that you would like to consider when adding web-page links to your text-messages. First, make sure that the web-page you link to use a responsive web-design, i.e. looks good on small screens. 

In addition, web links are sometimes longer than you wish and takes up a large number of digits, that you would like to use more efficiently in your text. Therefore SMS Heroes offer a built-in link shrinker feature. If SMS Heroes portal detects links in a text message, the link shrink feature automatically offers the option to enable link shrink. If you use the link-shrink feature your original link is replaced by a shorter link, but they both points to the same web page. You can easily see the result in the text message preview. You save precious space in your text message but still give the recipient a pretty picture to see. •Just add a web link to a text, and you get the picture in no-time. It’s as easy as that.