20 Jan 2020

API for the win!


API stands for application programming interface and it will i.a. make it possible to send texts triggered from your booking system, your CRM or from your machine to machine application. Your imagination is the only limitation.

We have created an open API to help you easily integrate SMS Heroes with other systems & applications for smooth communication with your audience.

– Integrates easily with existing business systems
– Easy to use and get started
– REST API (json)

Our customers have integrated our SMS service in systems like:

– Visitor booking systems
– School admin systems
– Car workshop admin systems

Many IT-systems provide the possibilty for you to create your own integration
and set-up a sms communication channel with your customers.

To make this a easy as possible we offer a REST API, which
is a widespread programming interface, for sending SMS.

Our set up instructions will get you going in minutes.