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26 May 2021
Personalize a text

Sometimes you would like to send a message to a lot of people and still address each one by name.

12 May 2021
Add a web link to the text message

A text message of course has it´s limitations. A text message is a, well, just a text.

01 Apr 2021
Send messages with Easter deals

Make your customers super happy this easter. Surprise them with a great deal or send a super friendly message to wish them Happy Easter.

19 Jan 2021
Covid safe communication

The safest way to communicate with your custmers and coworkers right now is through digital channels.

29 Dec 2020
Did your message hit the spot?

Sending a text message with an offer to your customers is great way to reach out fast and cost-efficiently.

30 Oct 2020

The universal standard length of a SMS-message is 160 characters and if a message exceeds that number it will be counted as multiple messages.

13 Oct 2020
Do your trick or treats online!

SMS Heroes wishes Happy Halloween!
Become a superhero or a monster…

22 Sep 2020
The world is your marketplace!

Hey, did you know that SMS heroes offer competitive pricing, sending bulk sms, to almost every country on the globe?

17 Aug 2020
SMS marketing vs. e-mail marketing

Four good reasons why you should market your company using SMS instead of e-mail.

11 May 2020
GDPR Compliance

Our intention is not to bore you out of your skull but just to assure you that we take GDPR very seriously.

20 Mar 2020
The best marketing channel!

SMS stands out as the most reliable channel if you want to be sure that your customers receive your message.

26 Feb 2020
What to do and what not to do!

Before you get started texting your customers we will tell you some tips and tricks for you to consider for a successful campaign.

20 Jan 2020
API for the win!

Today we are introducing a brand new feature for our nerdy IT-friends. Our easy to get started state of the art API.

11 Dec 2019
The day is finally here!

We are very proud to announce that today we are introducing the brand new sms sending site The only online sms-sending service you will ever need.